Workshop Facilities

Large vehicles such as buses, coaches, or trucks endure significant loads daily and are subjected to intense usage. Covering hundreds of kilometers and servicing national or international routes can impact the condition of vehicles. Therefore, regular inspection and meticulous servicing of buses and coaches in a specialized workshop are crucial.

That’s why we have our own repair workshop, equipped with a rich set of tools allowing us to repair several units daily. We always aim to minimize service and repair time. For bus and coach repairs, we only use spare parts from reputable manufacturers to ensure the highest level of efficiency for your vehicles over a long period.

bus and truck waiting for service in the garage
Coach Buses Engines Repairing and Maintenance Service

Our services include professional servicing of buses, coaches, and trucks, encompassing comprehensive technical inspections, including checking all vehicle functions, changing oils and filters, or worn-out components such as brake pads. We also undertake more advanced works, including bodywork and painting.

Bus and Coach Repairs

In our workshop we can perform all repairs of buses and trucks. We carry out comprehensive inspections, repair work on post-accident vehicles and eliminate failures resulting from standard operation, including:
  • Engine overhauls
  • Gearbox regeneration
  • Suspension, steering, and exhaust system repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Air conditioning and heating repairs
  • Bodywork repairs

Why choose our services?

We have a team of experienced mechanics who apply their knowledge, qualifications, and proven work methods every day to carry out all types of bus, coach, and truck servicing tasks with precision, reliability, and punctuality. By choosing our services, you can be sure that the assigned tasks will be performed at the highest level.
We provide bus, coach, and truck service and repair in Warsaw and the surrounding areas.

For additional questions, cooperation inquiries, or urgent matters, please contact our advisor.

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Coach Bus Diesel Engine Restoration